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Xenoblade Chronicles X is one of the most ambitious games I’ve ever played.

My heart skipped a beat when it was announced that Xenoblade Chronicles would be localized for the Wii. Even though there are plenty of JRPGs available, I would jump at the chance to play another Monolith Soft title since the more the merrier.

The factors at play here are also fascinating to see. It resembles and features the battle techniques of a traditional JRPG, but its story is more looser and it is set in a sizable open world.It draws more inspiration from MMORPGs than the typical Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. It’s a sci-fi game, yet it plays like a Monster Hunter game from Capcom. From those reference points, you can probably determine whether or not you’ll enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles X.

I was initially impressed by the enemy variety of planet Mira when I set foot on the planet and started to investigate. On the alien world, roaming packs of monsters with a wide range of strengths and levels spawn everywhere, making it feel congested with enemies. Even 60 hours into the campaign, I felt like I was continuously encountering new enemies to battle because to the extensive bestiary of various enemy sizes and kinds.

Xenoblade chronicles X

Survival of the Fittest

What kept me interested in Xenoblade Chronicles X for the long run was the combat. You only have direct control over one of your four party members, but you can quickly switch between ranged and melee weapons. However, because of how well my AI-controlled teammates coordinated with me, I found the game’s dynamic blend of in-game basic attacks and cooldown abilities to be incredibly engaging.

Your computer-driven allies take advantage of every action you make to knock down an adversary and smash it to dust. Their assaults also present opportunities for you to apply supplementary skills to increase damage and heal yourself. The system pushed me to attempt new actions, making a cool range of moves more effective than being stuck in a rut of repeatedly spamming the same assaults.

Xenoblade gave me a choice between three main classes and 12 subclasses, which made for a flexible and enjoyable experience when developing the skills of my avatar. Each one feels bigger and better than the previous one, and your decision will have an impact on the weapons and special moves, known as Arts, that you employ in battle.

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The combative style In order to start with a balanced subclass, Duelist employs a combination of close-range, DPS-focused attacks and defensive advantages. The Full Metal Jaguar subclass, in contrast, emphasizes more offensive skills and has buffs that increase accuracy and evasion. Although you technically start over every time you switch classes, Xenoblade encourages you to do so because you unlock moves more quickly as you advance in the game. That allowed me to continue growing joyfully and quickly.


Xenoblade Chronicles X presents endless reasons to fight

The open world of Xenoblade Chronicles X offers players countless opportunities to engage in combat and explore the planet. The simple act of exploration rewards you with worthwhile experience points, a ton of valuable loot, and waypoints that serve as both fast-travel markers and shops for priceless minerals. However, not all quests are made equal. The greatest ones take you on missions in search of difficult tyrant enemies, which resemble boss-like foes and offer challenging combat and potent rewards. The worst ones take you on tiresome, aimless fetch quests to find randomly placed collectibles.

Big Game

Since there is so much to learn, the first few hours of this nearly 60-hour game can feel daunting. But gradually, the many elements of Xenoblade Chronicles X come together to form a complex resource structure. As in almost every RPG, the loop requires you to utilize loot to create new weapons and equipment that give you more means to keep fighting tougher opponents, but because of the game’s rapid progression, I found it to be especially satisfying. I always had the impression that I was progressing continually because of the gear that occasionally dropped during combat.

However, Xenoblade’s inventory management system is unable to handle the sheer volume of things that are thrown at you, many of which have a similar appearance or sound. the 13 various item categories that group them by category. I was overwhelmed by mountains of stuff that I was unable to categorize by stat values.

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However, there is a significant incentive to deal with it: after around 30 hours, I had amassed sufficient wealth to create and maintain Skells, which are enormous robot suits. With 10 spaces for strong objects like sabers, missile launchers, and other bulky weaponry, these pricey and powerful equipment may change into a vehicle form and are entirely customisable.

When I got in, Xenoblade’s sense of scale changed dynamically, and I found myself fighting the much bigger, more scary enemies on Mira. Juvenile Simius, a tall muscular ape-like being that seemed insurmountable on foot, was suddenly someone I could match wits with.

Skells are incredibly strong, but they don’t make the remainder of the campaign simple. It’s astonishing how Xenoblade Chronicles X seamlessly can adjust its obstacles to fit your rapidly increasing power over the course of such a protracted campaign. The creatures in my path never simply laid down and let me walk all over them, despite how far I had come. The main downside of Skells is their high investment prices and high replacement expenses if they are lost during the campaign’s latter stages.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X


This game is undoubtedly not for the faint of heart, yet any despondency you feel at the merciless combat is frequently offset with true joy. Xenoblade Chronicles X is not just among the most visually appealing Wii U games, but it is also among the most satisfying. The more time you spend immersed in the enormous planet Mira, the more you’ll come to cherish it despite its ruthless shortcomings.

Xenoblade Chronicles X time to beat

When focusing on the main objectives, Xenoblade Chronicles X is about 68 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 271 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

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