Top 10 Best Selling Video Games of All Time

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Video games are now prominently focused at the forefront of many people’s life, thanks to the home gaming market’s ongoing growth since it began to thrive in the late ’70s. They present opportunities for exploration, rivalry, camaraderie, and, based on the game, sometimes even for frights or amusement.

While many millions of video games have been created throughout the years, some have become true cultural icons, standing the test of time and topping the charts for sales.


Video Games

238+ million copies

The idea behind Minecraft might seem straightforward: It’s essentially like playing with digital Legos. Blocks can be used by players to create whatever they want. But inside the game, something much more significant occurred. The panoramic vistas of magnificent structures like castles, skyscrapers, and roller coasters were extremely breathtaking, and the music was soothing and appealing.

Because it can essentially become anything a player wants it to be, Minecraft is incredibly powerful. The gameplay is dictated by the player’s imagination. The game has also benefited from social media and YouTube, which let participants to display their works to a global audience. According to Microsoft, more than 238 million copies have been sold to date.

Grand Theft Auto V

gta 5

169+ million copies

Grand Theft Auto offers the ideal balance of action, combat, open-world adventure, and narrative for many players. As evidenced by the franchises’ staggering sales figures, it is the pinnacle of what a fantastic game can be. The top video game sequels of all time include GTA III, Vice City, and GTA IV, all of which have received high accolades. And the majority of consumers believe that Rockstar’s GTA: San Andreas is their best game to date.

But GTA V has outsold them all and is still selling copies today. The game has reportedly sold over 150 million copies as of August 2021.

Wii Sports

wii sports

82.90 million copies

One of the most iconic video games ever is Wii Sports. Not only did it redefine what gaming might be and convert sports into a virtual reality, but it also boosted Wii sales and restored Nintendo‘s dominance. According to Nintendo’s own statistics, the game’s sequel, Wii Sports Resorts, sold over 33 million copies after selling close to 83 million in total.

Anyone who owned a Wii in the middle of the 2000s would recall bowling, baseball, or even boxing matches against family members in their own living rooms. Wii Sports was more than just a game; it was a sensation in popular culture.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

75+ million copies

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has sold more than 70 million downloads despite being published only four years ago, in 2017. And because the game is still on the market, that figure keeps gradually increasing. The game is an arena shooter in the style of a battle royale, where many internet players compete to be the last person standing. According to rumors, The Hunger Games and the Japanese movie Battle Royale served as inspiration for the game.

On top of the impressive sales numbers for consoles and PC, it’s also been reported that the mobile version of Battlegrounds has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.
The game that started the era of battle royale games

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Super Mario Bros.

58 million copies

Super Mario Bros.‘ official sales of over 58 million units are significantly understated compared to the actual sales figures and the number of players that have actually played the game. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the game was included with Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES, which sold millions of copies on its own. Additionally, anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online account can presently play it for free.

Regardless, it’s incredible that Super Mario Bros. is still one of the best-selling video games of all time, almost 40 years after its first debut, thanks only to physical sales. Since then, it has inspired a whole series of video games, a TV program, a cult favorite film adaptation, and billions of dollars in retail sales. While some video game franchises disappear, Mario seems to be here to stay.

Mario Kart 8/Deluxe

Mario Kart 8/Deluxe

 55.28 million copies

The most popular game for Nintendo’s Wii U system is Mario Kart 8. However, the game’s Deluxe version, which was made available for the Switch, accounts for a significant portion of sales. 55.28 million copies of the Deluxe edition have been sold, and 8.46 million copies have been sold for the Wii U.


 50+ million

Blizzard released Overwatch in 2016, and it immediately rose up the sales charts. It attracted a sizable fan base that further grew when the sequel appeared because it was available on all gaming systems and had virtually endless gameplay activity. Because of the success of the first film, it was expected that a sequel would be produced.

Since its initial release, the original has sold over 50 million copies. After all is said and done, there should be many satisfied employees at Blizzard if the new version that players will soon be able to play can even come close to that success. With so many new games that have been released since then, it will be difficult to convince players to pick up the game once more.

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Pokémon (First Generation)

Pokémon (First Generation) game

45-47 million copies

Nintendo has never explicitly provided sales data for the original Pokémon video games (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green). Calculations, however, lead to the widely held assumption that slightly more than 45 million copies were sold. However, the numbers have increased even more as a result of several first-gen games still being virtually available for the 3DS, with estimates for total sales currently hovering around 47 million units.

Pokémon’s release was a turning point in Nintendo history because it showed the business could still create hits in a constantly shifting industry. The franchise has achieved one of the biggest sales totals of all time and is still well-liked today.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Manhunt and Max Payne, two of Rockstar Games‘ best-selling and most thrilling video games ever, are only two examples. Red Dead Redemption is one of their most well-known franchises, though.

The games include a large open area as well as a wild, wild west setting where players can go on objectives and side activities. It was the ideal gaming experience, with everything from train chases to shootouts, and the graphics were a big improvement over the first video game. Red Dead Redemption 2’s sales numbers were made public at the start of August 2021, indicating that the game has sold over 45 million copies.



42.07 million copies

The original Pac-Man arcade game was one of the few that took a while to reach critical and commercial success. The 1980 release of the arcade game was followed by a swift 1982 transition to the Atari 2600. Since then, it has appeared on a plethora of systems prior to the NES. It seemed obvious that it would be a bestseller given the abundance of sales opportunities, especially with the addition of computer and mobile versions.

Arcade cabinets, console versions, computer versions, and mobile phone versions are among the 42.07 million units that were sold. With over 30 million sales coming from mobile phone users, Pac-Man has a decent possibility of continuing to generate income as new generations learn about the maze game.

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