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As a game producer, you know you’ve succeeded when hundreds of positive reviews pour in soon after a new game is released. If the reviews are any indicator, players will be persuaded to give the game a try. If you’re not one of the 2 million copies that were purchased on the first day or the 18,000 Steam users who gave the game “extremely positive” reviews, you may be wondering what the buzz is about. Even better, you probably want a thorough review that provides a little more information than simply “played the game and enjoyed it”.

As is customary around here, we’re analyzing Sons of the Forest from top to bottom, giving you an overview of the gameplay, plot, graphics, and performance, among other things, so you can decide whether purchasing a copy of Sons of the Forest is the right course of action. Is it deserving of the hype? Hold on while we unearth all you need to know.

The Forest, Revived

Before Sons of the Forest, developer Endnight Games released the survival horror game, The Forest, in 2018. Gamers would endure the horrors of the remote, forested peninsula.

Now, Endnight Games is at it again with a sequel that takes everything that worked in its predecessor, the story opens with a plane crashing into remote island; however, some of the details are new. One distinction is that in this instance, you went to the island on purpose in search of a missing billionaire. Like its predecessor, the game uses warped humor to develop its plot through environmental storytelling.

Sons of the Forest resembles the first game in many aspects, but feels more like an improved version of it because to its plot and the setting’s recognizability. The core gameplay mechanics remain the same: fend off cannibal attacks, explore the island, and battle mutants in eerie cave shelters.

It’s simple to understand why the game’s creators decided to make it available in early access. It’s definitely entertaining to play, much like The Forest, which was a fantastic game. The map is large, and some areas feel lonely and barren, so you can see where the developers allowed themselves room to add in the details. The smaller landscape in the original game gave players more chances to stumble onto random elements, which may be advantageous for those who want to avoid cannibals and mutants.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest – Survival Challenges

Tracking down a billionaire and his family, who have become stranded somewhere on this mysterious peninsula, has led to all these stressful, terrifying events. The main plot is the same as the predecessor’s, which required you to find your stolen son only to crash-land and fall down a rabbit hole filled with mutants and flesh-eating cannibals. No matter how well-known the storyline is, I couldn’t care less how things turned out. The plot comes to a tidy finish near the end. Yet, the main draw of these games is their survival element and how exciting the overall adventure is.

Sons of the Forest is an open-world game that is not linear; half the pleasure is figuring out what to do next. You have a GPS tracker that helps direct you to various spots, which is somewhat helpful, but I would have wanted to be able to add tags to specific locations since, without it, I constantly had to refer to the Sons of the Forest map to find my way around the game.

Sons of the Forest

It turned into a constant struggle between trying to outlive mutants and cannibals and hoping to discover the stuff I required to advance because I could not properly track my movements. There appears to be a lot of pointless traveling in the expectation that I find these objects as someone looking for a single playthrough without spoilers. keys, cards, the rake, and the firearm. How long should it take someone to locate these things without turning to a search engine?

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Given that players can revive one another and cooperate to defend against swarms of cannibals while traversing more ground in less time, it’s possible that this is what makes the multiplayer mode so appealing to a wider audience. Kelvin, your first in-game ally, is quite helpful, but he can’t tell you where you’re headed.

As resources grow scarce in the winter, Sons of the Forest introduces an intriguing difficulty bump. It becomes difficult to obtain fish, meat, or other necessities when it is winter and the lakes and rivers have frozen over. As a result, it is important to get ready as soon as possible. To add a satisfyingly horrifying twist, you may find it appealing to slice up your opponents for food.

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Best Boy, Kelvin

With the help of your best friend, Kelvin, you are still somewhat aware of single-player, though. He is your AI buddy who made it through the helicopter crash with you and is now content to travel with you on your mission.

Kelvin doesn’t actually participate much in battle. Given that he is an elite soldier, it seems strange that even if you give him a rifle, he will still block your path. He did, however, recover from a head injury sustained in the aftermath of the incident that rendered him mute.

Sons of the Forest

In any case, Kelvin makes up for his lack of combat skills in spades as an “errand boy.” Kelvin would need to be spoken to using a fast select notepad, and you would essentially have the choice of telling him to grab some logs or cut down some trees.

He proves to be pretty useful in the end. In games like this, there is a ton of busywork huge complete. Hence, having a type of co-op companion take care of the fetching while you concentrate on the crafting or combat really works for me.

Sights to See

Sons of the Forest raises the bar for visuals to an entirely new level. For an independent, at least. Its lush forest has textures that change with the seasons. Wandering through the vegetation and shivering in the mutant horror caverns is soothing. Even if you become immersed in amazement, you will naturally want to explore. Indeed, there are repeated patterns. However, everything is nicely organized and welcoming. The “immersion,” which feels lacking in comparison to games like Valheim, may be the only drawback. All that aside, Sons of the Forest is unquestionably breathtaking.

In the game, looting and crafting are essential elements. You receive a manual with instructions for a variety of structures, with the flexibility to arrange the building materials or logs however you like. Just be mindful to hear the rattle in the woods or the distant gutturals. They warn of potential enemy spies and attacks that can sneak up on you while you’re not paying attention.

Sons of the Forest

Verdict - A great game so far

Sons of the Forest is an absolutely captivating game, and hours passed as I explored it. The biggest issues for me are content density, a lack of direction, and a persistent sense of incompleteness, all of which, to be fair, are very understandable in an early-access game. The structure is a little awkward. Some animations have visual problems. It’s also given rise to a lot of humorous bugs, including a physics problem that sent my character flying while chopping down a tree.

For a game still in early access on PC via Steam, it’s certainly a joy to play. The setting is a formidable force of nature. The cannibals on the island, though less of a threat than I’d like, have a mind of their own.

Given it’s an Early Access release, the mechanics are somewhat clunky, and the NPCs behave far from their intended end-result product. For the most part, though, the gameplay feels snappy, fun, and far from derailed by the game’s many glitches. 

If you can tolerate these issues, it’s absolutely still worth playing. We’ll plan to update this review as we make our way through the rest of the game.

Streams of reviews have come in since launch, most in favor of. I have to say I agree. For the price of $30, it feels worth the price and is a definite blast to experience with friends. Grab your copy of Sons of the Forest on PC via Steam now.

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