Call of Duty League goes to Twitch

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It has been confirmed that viewers will no longer be able to watch on YouTube and will instead have to stream the matches exclusively on Twitch, with the Call of Duty League inaugural weekend scheduled to start tomorrow.

Since the League’s founding in 2020, when the tournament signed an exclusive partnership with Youtube, it has never appeared on Twitch. The Call of Duty League website will also webcast the league.

According to news shared by the League, the competition will no longer be available on YouTube.

Call of Duty League Teams


In line with other major American leagues like the NFL and NBA, the 2020-founded Call of Duty League features 12 city-based teams. The franchises are frequently controlled by well-known esports companies that also appear in other esports games. This includes Los Angeles Thieves (100 Thieves), OpTic Texas (OpTic Gaming), Atlanta Faze (partnered with Atlanta Esports Venture and FaZe Clan), and Toronto Ultra (OverActive Media).

The Major 1 qualifiers, which will take place before the LAN debut event in Raleigh, North Carolina, will feature the 12 finest Call of Duty teams in action. The 2023 CDL season is almost approaching.

Call of Duty League 2023 season streaming on Twitch and not YouTube

Call of Duty League

Activision Blizzard, the company behind the Call of Duty video game series, runs the League. In addition, Blizzard is the owner of Overwatch and the Overwatch League, both of which were included by the YouTube exclusivity agreement.

The initial Activision Blizzard and YouTube collaboration was scheduled to end in 2023, and Call of Duty’s statement made clear that no renewal has yet been reached between the two parties. It’s unclear how the decision would impact future viewing as the League won’t be available on YouTube at all.

And while many believed the event would be streaming on YouTube – as it had done the year prior – it has just been announced that the CDL 2023 season will be available to watch on Twitch and the Call of Duty website. The lack of mention of YouTube indicates that the platform will no longer be a streaming location for the CDL season.

With 330,000 viewers, CDL reached its highest viewership in 2020. The Los Angeles Thieves, the league’s champion from the previous season, garnered 275,000 viewers at the 2022 CDL playoffs.

However, neither the CDL nor Twitch have made any additional comments regarding the change or the nature of the future agreement reached by the two companies.

Call of Duty League's partnership with Twitch


The CDL’s fourth iteration will take place this year. Activision Blizzard had previously only streamed it on YouTube after agreeing to a multi-year contract with Google. However, Call of Duty will now switch to the purple side (Twitch) after three years of working with the red platform.

As was previously indicated, Activision’s failure to confirm a streaming platform raised growing concerns. Numerous followers have responded on social media now that the problem has been fixed. Several esports news outlets and reporters reported the story. Popular web reporter Jake Lucky confirmed the information.

CDL MW2 competitive campaign kick start

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

There has been a lot of anticipation leading up to this weekend, which will officially start the Modern Warfare II CDL season. The inaugural competition for teams will take place at this event. Players will also have the chance to begin their World Championship of Digital Warfare campaign.

When will the new season of Call of Duty: League officially kick off?

The Major I of the CDL 2023 will kick off on December 2 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The CDL Major 1 qualifications will start from December 15 to December 18, and Atlanta FaZe will face off in the first game of the eagerly anticipated event.

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